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Data Feed Services | USAF-DFS
USA-Foreclosure offers advanced data feed services (USAF-DFS) to all users of the site. USAF-DFS provides highly customizable data feeds to suit different application needs. With USAF-DFS you will receive automatically updates as they happen, our flexible service platform allows seamless integration with a diverse array of data and file systems.
Near Real-time Information at your Fingertips

Near Real-time Information at your Fingertips USAF-DFS provides access to all USA-Foreclosure.com listings and updates with near real-time frequency. Data feeds can be sent (push mode) to your mobile device, or sent to your systems to integrate data into your own website, or other web or desktop applications. The data feeds can also be configured so you are able to call (pull mode) our web service to get the information when you need it.
Meaningful Information = Timely Decision-making

Near Real-time Information at your Fingertips You can rely on USAF-DFS for timely help with your real estate investment decisions. Our data feeds are highly customizable to fit your needs and purpose  there’s no need to sort through thousands of records, e-mails or websites to find what you really need. For example, the data feed service can be configured to track only changes to the sale date of the properties up for auction. Customizable tracking features could include, but are not limited to: update of the sale status, posting of the minimum bid, sale date, sale time, sale postponement, photographs of the property, and posting of other supplemental documents such as notice of sale and title report.
Location, Location, Location

Near Real-time Information at your Fingertips Our data feed services are highly flexible regarding your desired geographic location of interest. Whether it’s a particular city or zip code area, a county, or an entire state, our data feed service can be customized to different geographical levels to best suit your operation.
Flexible Data Distribution and Format Types

Near Real-time Information at your Fingertips USA-DFS supports several delivery mechanisms and formats for near real-time data distribution. Data files can be sent (push mode) via web services, uploaded to your site using FTP, or sent from our server using other efficient delivery methods for easy integration with your system. Data can also be delivered by e-mail or sent to mobile devices using SMS (Short Message System). Receiving data from USAF-DFS can be made available in several formats such as XML, Excel, CVS, HTML, etc. You can also specify the .CSV file or the XML layout (.XSD) markup you need to fully automate the integration of the updates into your system.

Distribution Methods

  • E-mail
  • FTP - File-based Transport
  • SOAP - HTTP-Based Transport
  • RSS – Really Simple syndication Transport
  • SMS – Short Message System Transport
Supported Data Formats
  • XML
  • CSV
  • Text
  • XLS (Microsoft Excel)
  • HTML
  • RSS
  • SMS
  • JSON

Contact Us

For additional information or to learn more about USAF-DFS please e-mail us at datafeeds@usa-foreclosure.com