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Branding Services Program | USAF-BSP
Why Advertise with USAF?

Why Advertise with USAF? USA-Foreclosure.com (USAF) is one of the most recognized and trusted foreclosure data publishers in the foreclosure marketplace. Our Branding Services Program (USAF-BSP) provides an engaging visible forum for displaying your business advertising. USAF-BSP provides access to a marketplace of more than 25,000 active real estate investors, more than 780,000¹ average monthly views, an outstanding average visit duration of 7+ minutes per visit¹, with a returning rate of 75%¹, and a rate of 25%¹ new visitors every month.
Targeted Geographical Ad Coverage

Targeted Geographical Ad Coverage To help advertisers reach their specific campaign objectives, USAF-BSP’s ad serving rights are sold on a county-by-county basis bi-annually through a bidding process. The winning bidders will be granted the rights to advertise exclusively in USAF within the geographical area specified in the bid for a specific advertising period. The minimum geographical coverage area for any given ad serving rights is an individual county. USAF-BSP can currently serve ads across 370 different counties in 10 states.
Efficient and Localized Ad Serving

USAF-BSP serves your business ads in two different formats: Banner ads (image ads of 890 pixels wide x 109 pixels in height), and Property tags (textual ads of 239 pixels wide x 220² pixels in height). Ads are served in specific location allocated by USAF-BSP in the USAF website. Additionally, banner ads will also be served through e-mail alerts sent to USAF subscribers who are actively tracking property data. The Property Tags will also be displayed in search results with a small logo of your company next to it.
Efficient and Localized Ad Serving
Ad Management and Analytics

USAF-BSP provides our customers with advanced web-based ad management and reporting tools to analyze and measure your advertisement’s activity and to manage your ads. USAF-BSP’s web-based Ad Management System (AMS) allows you to manage your ads and retrieve activity reports easily and efficiently 24/7. Although USAF is not able to create your ads, our AMS will help you to easily submit your new ads or tags.
Ad Management and Analytics
Here's How to Start Advertising with USAF

  • USAF is currently accepting bids for the advertising period of February 1 2015 - January 31, 2016
  • Deadline for submitting bids ends February 6, 2014 5:00 PM PDT
  • To view more information including the fee structure for the program and to submit a bid you must be a registered and valid³ user of USAF
  • If you are a registered and valid³ user of USAF please click on the Continue button below to view more information and to submit a bid for the program
  • Please click on Create an Account to register with USAF is you are not a registered user. You can then return and view more information or start your bidding process
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  • ¹ Source: Google Analytics, Jan 1- Jun 30, 2012 period.
  • ² Not to exceed 220 pixels in height may depend on the content of the property tag text.
      Property tags are textual ads
  • ³ A valid USAF user is a current registered user whose email address has been verified
      during the 2-step registration process